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 The RPG Rules

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PostSubject: The RPG Rules   Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:00 am

Welcome to Cynder's Lair and the transition into the world of Spyro.
This section defines the rules of RPG, but I will first explain the principle of this game:

Please not that we will NOT allow the following:

-Swearing (unless specified in a RP with ''*'')
-Disrespect to other members.
-Advertisement to other forums.
-Post containing Pornography and worst: Juvenil Pornography

RPG (Role Play Game)have a policy to make you create and develop a real character in a world that has its own rules, although it is virtual.

[*]Do at least 5 lines

For this, you should describe the actions and words that are pleasant to read and to describe. In short, no "Hi you okay?" or "You're idiot, i'm out of here!" and so on ...
Do you sincerely think this is CONSTRUCTIVE?
Note that any flood (discussion off topic) found in a matter of RPG will be deleted without notice. If you want to clarify something, do it by MP, or explain it in brackets ((...)) at the beginning of the message.
For 3 lines correct in RPG, you must describe :
What your character see
What your character hear
What your character smell
What your character touch
What your character feel
What your character say
The surroundings of your character.

You may also write in first or third person as you wish.

   * Try to make the less grammar errors as possible.

     A RPG is a story, a description or action (s) enjoyable (s) to read and to describe. which can appear in the same way in a book. For reading your message nicely, avoid spelling errors. The dyslexic or young people can use a spell checker as or Word. In case of problems, contact the administrator.

   * Do not post before having validated your dragon

     Part Presentation offers a place where you can describe and present the dragon you want to check. You can not control that at the beginning. It is possible to obtain a second earning a total of 150 messages (RPG) to your account.
      We made sure to create a skeleton form easy to fill with a minimum line to follow. The number is quite reasonable and very simple to overcome. Do not cheat by skipping a lot of lines,doing so and we will decline your participation.
      Once the form accepted you can play in the RPG.

   * No god moding

    The god moding is prohibited in the RPG. In summary ...
      No super heroes with super powers SUPER invincible and dictatorial. Your character may have powers but to a certain limit (control of fire breath, freezing of an object of average size by the howling, etc ...) If you have any doubt, send a private message to an administrator.
      At the same time, in the Over Power, is the powergaming, which is forbidden. For example, I do not want to see:
      Luirio walked quietly in the valley when she met a green dragon. It jumped over because he was evil and tried to bite but he pushed in the claws. It dodged and attack him but the projections above the green dragon avoided a step nonchalant. She tried to scratch but he made fun of her and scratch the muzzle.
      In addition to being relatively poorly written, the message has several defects: knowledge of the character is not infinite, it can not know in advance that a dragon is wicked. In addition, the dragon did can not be attacked, but the person who wrote this message as if. Furthermore, also prohibits this type of message:
      I jumped over him, he tries to bite me, I dodge, I scratch, he died, I won.
      This is an exaggeration, but that means, it is forbidden to set the course of the fight without the opponent've specified. You must be synchronized between players to avoid over power.

   * No double post

     The double post is sending two messages as the same person one after another. This is a totally unnecessary and unpleasant. If you have omitted something in your message, you are requested to use the "edit" at the top right of your message.

Some Tips :

After inclusion of the title of your subject, if you want to RPG with one or more individuals and prohibit access to the dragon, use the tags (such as (...) or [...] or to specify <...>) (PV "name of the dragon").
If sex (homosexuality is allowed, but try to keep this type of love secret) specify it at the end of your title of a small cross ([X]) which protect the young people of any clash their sensitivity.

If you have completed your RPG and to avoid any pollution of our beloved forum, explain it to the end of your title in writing [DONE]. Simply click "edit" the first message and change the title of the topic that will appear before the text field.

Thank you for reading the rules and good game.
Your Administrator : Luirio.
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The RPG Rules
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