The wound's reopened forever
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 Now it's my turn ^^

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PostSubject: Now it's my turn ^^   Thu Jul 23, 2009 11:18 am

Dragon(esse) sheet :

Name: Luirio

Surname (Optional): Flying Hope

Age (Baby,adult...): Child

Clan: Clan of the Spirits

Element(Fire,ice...) Electric

Color (Red,Black,Purple) Gold Dragon


Physical and Mental Description (4 line least): Physical: Claw and horn are yellow, small yellow orb also has focused his neck, a mark likely caused by a prolonged exposure to the evil power of Cynder...

Mental:He has the mind of an old but unfortunately as a result of the curse of evil it must behave as a young dragon ... worse curse prevents it from behaving as a former...and make friend

Story ( 5 line least):Luirio was a former caretaker who held the power of hope ... he was among those who clashed Malefor ... unfortunately for him Malefor sending him a spell that trapped in the stone for hundreds of years the rock  broke it and he became a young yellow Dragon and he was captured by the Dark dragon Cynder and was cursed by his energy sucking it out.
As he escaped but he was later found with a lot of black around the place or Cynder had attacked ... this is where the curse of darkness began ... a terrible virus was planted in the body at or Luirio Cynder had planted the tip of its tail forcing grated against her to stay away from evil creatures and not to engage in combat

Particular Sign (Optional):A Dark Laceration at the beginning of the tail



How did you learn about this forum?:It is my forum ^^

A commentary for this forum??...I can't wait to see him growing ^^
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Now it's my turn ^^
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